Bryson Energy Healthy Futures Program has now reached over 500 participants!

We have been offering fun, interactive, informative sessions to people living in low income households. The programme has been running across Northern Ireland since March 2023. People who have attended the groups have enjoyed learning about healthy eating for less, how to reduce food wastage, the importance of food safety and healthy recipe ideas. Everyone who completed the course was given an air fryer or slow cooker to take home with them to enable them to cook at home with these energy efficient cooking appliances.. Healthy Futures is proud to have reached all age groups and sectors from youth club members, nursery schools, food banks, over 50’s clubs, men’s clubs, Women’s centres, and disability groups. Here are a few quotes from our service users:

“Thank you so much for the course and sharing your time and knowledge with us. It meant a lot to me trying to feed a family of 7 in the current economic climate”

“I made the food from the classes each week and tried other ingredients I would never have tried. Our instructor was so amazing and friendly. She made the class so enjoyable and interesting”